Half-Pint Tees are here!

You have been asking for them, so we jumped through many-a-hoop to make it happen. Original designed, hand screen-printed T-SHIRTS ARE HERE!  (We can’t help ourselves,  we have to do it Right.)

Let me tell you, though, it was a lot of fun.

First, we searched high and low and these two awesome guys, Drew Garza and Scott Pauli, took up our cause to design some original and graphic Half-Pint Tees (see below for their information).  SUCH NICE GUYS to work with, and holy cats, as creative as all get out.  After a few email chats, they set to work, and came up with designs that are beyond cool, beyond perfect.

They then set us up with Screen Door Studio, this great shop on Williamson Street that prints everything by hand.  They ordered us samples, gave us a lot of direction (since we had never done this before) and even let us come in to watch them print the tees (they called it a Press Check – which seemed all official from a customer point of view – but as a creative type, I was thrilled that they let me observe them in action!)

And between Scott and Drew, and Dorla and Scott and their crew at Screen Door,  we are THRILLED to show you the results of the work.

Tees will be on sale at Half-Pint in just three weeks – we had contemplated doing presales, and pickups, and web orders, and so and so and so, but we have so much to do to get ready for the sale we gave up that Ghost.  But we’re confident you are going to luuuuuvvvvv them so much you will still remember to tack one on to your purchase.

We also want to tell you that we are selling the tee’s at (basically) our cost.   Good, quality shirts, and good quality artistic efforts require Good Quality pricing.    We hope you’ll agree!    After seeing them meticulously print each shirt, We’re  even more convinced that we got a steal and that you’ll adore the product.  We did a small print run on these, so they are limited edition!

Treat yourself! (and since so many of you asked for these, here is hoping you really WILL want to buy them!)

– Paprika short sleeved tone-on-tone shirts (Gildan soft-spun)  are in Adult (general Sizing) – S, M, L, and XL – $12
– Grey on Black long sleeved (Bella) are in Women’s sizing, Small and Large (but trust us, these shirts STRETCH so they fit a WIDE range of sizes) – $15
– Two-Toned trike on Black long sleeved (Baby Bella) are in baby/kid sizes, 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 2T, 3T and 4T – $10

Scott and Drew are people you want to hire.    I know the shirts speak for themselves, but they got DIRECTLY at the essence of what we were looking for.  And on top of that, why would you not want to work with folks who would donate their time to the Half-Pint Cause?  You can contact them at paulidesign at gmail dot com.

And Screen Door Studios – oh, how we love thee!  We can’t wait to take them another project.  To be able to work with a printer who would give us that kind of personal attention and let us do several small print runs without batting an eye…   Unheard of.  Give them a try!  A Madison original.

-Ellen and Lisa

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