Fall Sale Coming Soon


I took this picture this morning.

His pants are clearly too short.

We know it’s hot outside and it still seems like summer (well, it is) – but take heed:  If you don’t take advantage of the upcoming Fall Half-Pint Resale, your child could look like this.  Fall weather is funny -one day it’s hot, and the next day you are rummaging through your bins looking for something that fits.   And if you’re like us, all of a sudden it hits you that you’ve been livin’ the summer dream and don’t have anything that fits.  (and OH, to have to run the store and buy NEW – cringe.)

Do yourself a favor.  Make sure to pencil in the upcoming sale on September 9 and 10.   Now head down to your storage area and check out those bins.  You know, those ones full of stuff you no longer want.  Now think about turning it into cold hard cash.

Watch your email, because this coming Wednesday, we’ll open up consignment for the 8th Half-Pint Resale, coming to the Goodman Community Center (with additional space!).

See you around the bend…

Ellen and Lisa

Half-Pint Resale
{the area’s first and largest children’s consignment sale}
{entirely local}


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