They Make Half-Pint Happen

The thing that we love best about Half-Pint is that it’s become more than just another place to be cheap stuff (well – we DO love that part, too – we’ll admit) but it’s also a place that builds community.  From families passing on their beloved clothes and baby goods, to sharing community resources with each other – it’s all of you helping each other out.  Making this parenting thing not so lonely.

Anothering that that we love is how so many businesses and groups come together to help make Half-Pint happen.  These are places that offer much needed services in this community – and in turn, they care enough about Half-Pint to help us make it happen.  So take a gander through these amazing folks, and the next time you happen into their business or non-profit, thank them!

Mother Nature’s Diaper Service – Little bums love keeping the environment clean, and Mother Nature’s Diaper Service is here to help!  They deliver clean cloth diapers right to your door – Sounds dreamy!  They are sponsoring the diapering area at the sale.

Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool – And little minds need great schools and teachers!  Holy Cross offers a robust 4Kprogram that might be just right for you.  Located on Milwaukee Street (just down the road from the Goodman Community Center) their programming includes everything from spanish, to music and science,to  reading and religious education.

Midwest Clay Project – We just can’t get enough of this place.  We posted about this amazing community resource awhile back, and we’re still just as in love.   Your kids will never tired of learning and making and building and sculpting.  Peak in, you won’t regret it.  (They have just as many opportunities for adults, too – from playful to serious.  Get in on the fun, just over on Willy Street).   All ages and abilities welcome!

Tenney Nursery and Parent Center – TNPC is a preschool and parent cooperative that offers several preschool classes and a parent/child playgroup (a great way to get introduced to this creative and play-based center).  Due to the cooperative nature, parents work closely with the staff and ED and help mold their child’s education.  Visit and see it in action!

Belly – Oh!  To have a massage when you are pregnant – And to have a massage from someone who understands pregnant and post-partum bodies is heavenly.  Where can you find such magic?  At Belly Massage!  Each massage is tailored to meet your individual needs and will provide you with that little bit of extra peace that you deserve.  Perfect gift for soon-to-be mommas!

Swim East – My personal Swim East testimonial:  My son went from being afraid to jump in the water to being a safe but determined swimmer within a single session.  A year later the little dude could swim across the pool, and less than two years later he’s jumping off of the diving boards into 12 feet of water.  The lessons are That good.  New to Swim West (or their newer Swim East location)?  Get a free lesson to try them out!

Madison Children’s Museum – I know you’ve heard of them.  But have you tried them out yet?  Better yet, have you become a member?  We’ve found the ability, because of our membership, to get discounted parking at the museum and to pop in and out as we please to be worth our membership’s weight in gold.   We love the museum year round, but as we’re heading into the winter months, I feel less panicy about the impending weather knowing we have the perfect place to go on a bitterly-cold day.

Liberty Mutual – Giveaway time!  On Saturday only, they will be handing out free Child ID kits!  They will also have information on how you can protect your family through the ever important Life Insurance.  Representative Julie Sternal (a friend of Half-Pint) will be there to answer your questions.

The Little Gym – Little people need a gym all their size – that is where the Little Gym comes in.   They encourage playful development, and non-competitive serious play.  A perfect way to start an active life.  They are sponsoring our new GEAR room!

Yum Tum Delivers – We love mom grown businesses!  Two moms with a passion for healthy tasty food are now delivering fresh baby food – They can fulfill all of your beginning eater’s needs (6 months +) and deliver nutrient packed baby food to your door every week!  They even have toddler snacks (couldn’t we all use a fresh dose of those!).  Delicious.  Check em out on Facebook, too!

Local Madison Midwifery Practices – We’re excited to have local midwives represented at the sale.  Check out your shopping bag for more information on home births!

Kindred Kids – We’re once again partnering with one of the greatest kid-focused non-profits around.  An organization that strives to let kids help kids, Kindred Kids is worth the drive to Columbus, just to hang out and be around these amazing people (which is something you can do!)  “We chose the name “Kindred Kids” because there are commonalities shared by all kids. They really are all Kindred. Their differing abilities may make some of their needs different but their needs as children are the same.”  Find out more about them at the sale.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream – ooooooooh, DELICIOUS!  Can you believe that we lucked out to have a sponsor like the best ice cream on the face of this earth?!    That is extra good for you because they are giving away Ice Cream for a Year.  Check out our blog to find out how!

-EC and LS

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