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Updated Format for Fall 2021 Sale

To make a sale that is safe in our current environment, we are going to make some significant changes to the upcoming sale. Our hope is that these changes will allow for safe shopping and also for a more comfortable volunteer environment!  We are cancelling our previously planned public Half-Pint Resale, and instead holding the following:

Half-Pint Private Sale

There will be no public shopping.  This private sale will not include a half-price sale.   The sale will only be available for consignors, volunteers and friends of volunteers.  Volunteers can shop the entirety of the sale.   For all dates/times (including consignor drop-off, etc., check out the upcoming sale page).

Friday, September 10 – Noon-8:30pm 
12-5pm is for volunteers only
Consignors can shop beginning at 5pm

Saturday, September 11 – 8am-1:30pm
Volunteers and Consignors welcome all day Saturday.  Friends of Volunteers Sale starts on Saturday at 8am


1.  Must be fully vaccinated (whether or not you shop!)
2.  Will get the opportunity to sell their items to over 800 HIGHLY motivated (and excited!) shoppers (who likely will be bringing long lists :))
3.  Can choose to pick-up unpurchased items directly from the sales floor on Saturday from 2-4pm.  At 4pm, all items that are left will become the property of Half-Pint Resale and will be donated.  (Items will not be presorted for consignors – you’ll need to walk the sales floor to retrieve items.)  Consignors who plan to pick-up items can leave a bin.


1.  Must be fully vaccinated
2.  Can invite one friend to shop the private Friends of Volunteers sale on Saturday.  (Form for submitting the name will be available September 1, 2021)
3. To ensure safety of all of our guests (and especially all of the unvaccinated littles at the homes of all of our guests), if you are not vaccinated and are currently scheduled to volunteer, you will need to cancel your shift.

All consignors, volunteers and friend shoppers will be required to show their vaccination card upon entry to the building.  Masks will be required by all at all times.

What’s next?

1.  If you would no longer like to consign, please send us an email at and we will refund you your consignor fee.
2.  Sign up to volunteer!   All volunteers who are filling shifts that aren’t changing will remain in those shifts.  All volunteers who are filling shifts that no longer exist will be cancelled.  The new volunteer schedule is now posted.


**We will be reviewing the volunteer schedule on Monday, August 23rd and we will determine if we have enough volunteers to move forward with the sale.  If you want to cancel your volunteer shift, you can do that through the same portal where you registered.

We’re excited about these changes and think it has the potential to make a really great and fun and safe event.  We hope you’ll join us!


Artwork courtesy of

Acceptable shopping bags / assists

As you are aware, we are extremely limited on space between racks and in aisles on the sales floor. It is dangerous when there are unattended or obstructive shopping carts on the sales floor, as people can easily trip and fall during busy times of the sale when we have hundreds of people trying to shop at once.

To make shopping easier and safer, we are asking people to use acceptable shopping bags/helpers during our busiest times (Friday volunteer sale;  Saturday before noon).

You cannot use, during these times:  4-wheeled wagons, strollers (of any variety), laundry baskets, or bins to shop with. Additionally, all unattended shopping bags/helpers (except those that are temporarily housed in the Hold Area) will be removed from the sale.

These are acceptable shopping bags/helpers that will be allowed into the sale:


Thank you for your cooperation in making this a safe and comfortable experience for all shoppers!

Consignor Limits


We are just as excited as you are to finally get those gently-used items back into the community, but we will need to be mindful to make sure we have enough room for everyone (without having to limit consignors).  For that reason, we are limiting the amount of wearable items that can be consigned.   Each consignor can consign a total of 7 bins of wearable items.  Wearable items include: all clothing, socks, undergarments, and outerwear (jackets & snowpants), shoes, outer accessories, etc.   Anything that is not wearable will be subject to our normal seasonal and condition guidelines, but will have no limit.


  • This includes all clothing, outerwear, shoes/boots, pajamas, undergarments, diapers, accessories, etc. If you put it on your body, it needs to fit in one of your 7 bins.
  • Bins need to be reasonably sized. Think of a bin that you can easily carry, that would fit two adult sleeping bags rolled, a king-size comforter, or a bundle of wood- you get the idea.  This should be 18-20 gallon capacity on average.  NOT to exceed 24 Gallon!
  • Larger bins (over 25-gallon, trunk sized, typically on wheels, or require- two people to carry) will be counted as 2 bins towards your 8/10-bin total.

 Examples of 18-20 gallon bins:

      OVERSIZED BINS (will be counted as 2-3 bins depending on actual size):

GOOD NEWS:  There is NO MAXIMUM for non-wearable items: 

  • This includes: gear, furniture, toys, baby feeding, sports equipment, books, games etc.
What's New

Gender-Based Signs at Half-Pint

What's New

We agree – kids should be kids, and all kids should love all types of play, all types of colors, all types of clothes.

We love that some stores are beginning to take away gendered signs.  We have often thought about doing the same.  We have had many passionate parents even ask us if we could.  It’s not that we don’t want to, but let us explain.

The entire sale is filled with items, brought in by consignors, in just hours.  600+ consignors bring in their items and have to put their items on the sales floor in the proper places, and want to get in and out as soon as possible!   Volunteers want items to have been put on the sales floor in the right spot – like by like!   There are just a few short hours to get the entire sales floor ready for the sale.  From 8pm until 11pm, volunteers work frantically to make sure everything is organized.  The less work that they need to do, the more likely that the sale is easy to shop.

And we know shoppers want to be fast.  Most people only have a short period of time to shop and they want to zero-in on where they need to go.  Me?    My youngest is a slender 7 year old who loves crafts, and soft bright colored pants.  For him I shop in 5, 6 and 7 boys, and 7 girls for slimmer fitting bright colored straight legged jeans and soft pants.  I shop in the craft area, game area, and boy toys (because he also loves star wars and pokemon with a vengence).  And I always peruse the girls toys and the nursery area, because you never know what might catch my eye (like the cloud lamp I bought him last sale).  And I always shop girl and boy shoes because he really loves all colors and tends to have narrow feet.   I don’t feel funny about it, because he doesn’t shop with me, and even if he did, he knows what he likes and what fits.

That said, we have no interest in making children feel sad, confused, or stereotyped about anything!  Starting this sale, after Consignors have come and brought their items and after the volunteers are done sorting, we plan to remove the ‘boy toy” and “girl toy” signs.  We will re-label them simply with “toddler toys” and “big kid toys”, and perhaps some more specific signs as able and appropriate.   We will keep the clothing signs as they are.  Not sure if your item goes on the boy or girl side?  Ask a friend or another consignor and they can help you decide.  We know that with itty bitties it seems extra ridiculous, but our gender neutral areas have NEVER been shopped well (for the same reasons as we listed above).

We’ll see how it goes for shoppers and revaluate after the sale.  Let us know how it goes!

You’re the Best.

The thing we love the most about Half-Pint Resale isn’t the cute cheap kids clothing and toys and everything else we need (although, don’t get us wrong, it’s high on the list), but the Community that Half-Pint Resale creates.

It’s full – to the brim! – with people who care about each other and want to support each other, and want the best for each other.   We see it at the sale, we see it in line when people are chatting and meeting new friends.  We see it in consignors who are parting with their favorite stripey sleeper because while it’s hard to pass it on, they can’t wait to see someone else find their treasure and love it and make memories in it just like they did.  We see it in volunteers who sign up for the same shift every year or with the same people, because even though they didn’t know each other prior to the sale, they are now Half-Pint friends.

And we see it in the Supporters who keep Half-Pint free for ALL shoppers, and for the services that they provide for the community.  

We hope that you’ll take a gander at all they have to offer;  and if you use their services, tell them Half-Pint Resale sent you.


Fullscreen capture 292015 35222 PMForward Fertility-   Working closely with surrogates and egg donors to help form loving families for those who need help on their journey to becoming parents.  Forward Fertility is an innovative progressive business run by Christie Olsen, a women’s health nurse practitioner and Madison-loving resident since 2002. Primarily, Forward Fertilityprovides professional guidance and support to women who want to be egg donors or surrogates along with the same exceptional service for the parents-to-be seeking surrogates and/or egg donors.  Forward Fertility is also committed to the community at large to improve “Fertility Literacy” – increasing awareness about fertility testing, treatments, options, and education. This has been done through newspaper articles, radio interview, free information sessions across the state.


swimwest_new11_colorSwim West   Half-Pint’s oldest supporter, and the place that both Lisa and Ellen’s kids learned to swim!!  The only sport that saves a life. Swim Safer, Swim Smarter.
SwimWest has two location, Fitchburg and West Madison. Warm water to keep your babies warm while learning to be safer in and around the water. We have on going registration and welcome you to come in and try us out for free at either of our locations. We have small classes, certified teachers with friendly staff ready to assist you where ever needed. Come and visit us today.


huckleberry and persimmon Huckleberry & Persimmon is a place for families to grow.   Huckleberry & Persimmon is a new small business on the west side of Madison. We offer children’s enrichment classes including science, art, movement, music, and language for Littles (1-3 years) and Bigs (2-5 years). We offer a parent/infant social group, Itty Bitties, and an open play group, Mayhem Hour, for kids to burn off that extra energy before bed! Parent/caregiver workshops will also be offered on a variety of topics.

Half Pint Resale shoppers will receive a coupon for discounted class registration and a free pass to Mayhem Hour! There will also be drawings at the sale for a $50 gift certificate, tee shirts, and other fun prizes!  And don’t miss their Grand Opening on September 19, 3:30-6pm!  

Meriter UnityPoint
Meriter – UnityPoint Health – Coordinating your care from the doctor’s office to the hospital and back home.  Meriter – UnityPoint Health makes it easy to get your family in to see a doctor through same-day appointments and extended hours, as well as a pediatric after-hours clinic open nights and weekends. Our health care professionals and physicians all work toward the same goal: individualized, coordinated care for the patients we treat so every patient can be healthy every day. The point of everything we do is you.



Hulafrog Madison – Subscribe to Hulafrog to find the best local events, activites, and businesses that cater to kids and families!  Hulafrog Madison curates the best local events, activities, and businesses that cater to kids and families in our area. Visit the site daily to find tons of awesome events and recommendations from area parents. Subscribe to their free newsletter and be ‘in the know’ about fun events going on around town that you and your kids won’t want to miss!

Half-Pint Resale is proud to be the 2014 and 2015 Most-Loved Hula-frog Children’s Consignment Sale!


unity logo

Unity Health Insurance, a local leader in health and wellness, provides top-rated health plans to more than 175,000 members throughout southwestern and south central Wisconsin.  When looking for a health plan, choose the one that offers you great doctors and guaranteed access to all UW Health physicians. When you choose Unity, you receive Quality care, Consistent service and Convenient access to a large network of doctors and innovative health and wellness programs. As your health plan, our goal is to exceed your expectations in everything we do.


Nicki's DiapersNicki’s Diapers The Next Generation of Cloth Diapers!
Cooperative Playgroup of Madison – a place for families/nannies to build community, support each other, and spend time together while participating in their young children’s play and socialization in a safe and stimulating environment.

Madison Area Midwives –  Madison and its surrounding areas are rich in maternity care options for childbearing families. Resources include doulas, childbirth education choices, lactation services and midwives for home and hospital settings. These midwives are currently practicing in the Madison area, attending women at home, and in the Meriter hospital birthing center.

Mothers’ Milk Alliance – Mothers’ Milk Alliance was born in 2007 from the meeting of two mothers: one with extra breastmilk and one with low milk supply. Both dilemmas are common and have occurred throughout time.   One timeless solution has been milk sharing. Shared breastmilk can optimize infant health and nutrition, while profoundly strengthening social bonds and community resilience. But many mothers either do not know another breastfeeding woman or do not feel comfortable asking for such intimate help. Moreover, mothers want basic assurance that milk from another woman is safe. Their healthcare practitioners want this too.   Mothers’ Milk Alliance is an informed choice model of human milk sharing that facilitates donor lab testing, safety education and health screening, and free and local accessibility for infants up to 6 months of age.

Middleton Preschool – Offering both half day preschool and 4K, Middleton Preschool takes pride in helping prepare preschool aged children for success in kindergarten and beyond.  Welcome to Middleton Preschool! We take pride in helping prepare preschool aged children for success in kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum encourages social, mental, emotional and physical growth in a safe and healthy environment for all of our children. Please, come and take a closer look at Middleton Preschool’s teaching philosophy, enrollment guidelines, curriculum and objectives that we strive to offer our children each and every school year.

madison stackedBabywearing International of Madison – Babywearing International of Madison is a Wisconsin chapter of Babywearing International, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support. In addition to mainstream education sessions, workshops, and events, BWI-Madison strives to promote babywearing in all communities, with a targeted focus on underserved populations. Through partnerships with community organizations and resources, we reach out to a diverse population of caregivers and empower them to keep their children close, and experience the many benefits of babywearing.    They have monthly meetings, online support, a lending library, and provide outreach to the community.

Speaking of outreach, find the awesome members of BWI Madison at Half-Pint near the baby carriers, helping you make informed choices!    We’re sooo very excited ot have them back!

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream – making and selling over 110 flavors of Wisconsin’s finest super-premium ice cream. You want nutrition? Eat carrots.

kindred_kids_logo_w_resale_libraryKindred Kids – Kindred Kids is a community resource providing affordable, quality children’s items to all children, with an environmental conscience which believes in reducing waste by reusing children’s items. Our proceeds from our resale store benefit our social mission of providing a free lending library of toys, specialized equipment and resources to children with special needs



Madison Mom’s Blog – We are passionate about encouraging other Madison Moms to get out in our great community and try new things!

They make Half-Pint Resale free and fun!

Each one of the following organizations and businesses not only makes our community better, but they make Half-Pint a reality.  You’ll want to check out their postcards in your bags and their tables at the sale – there will be drawings, awesome coupons, and even activities for your kids!!! And when you are out in the community supporting these fine folks, be sure to say THANK YOU for all they do to make this great community resource available.




Attorney Heather E. Hazelwood Heather specializes in personal and business services, focusing on estate planning, family law, and small business and non-profit organization and management. She is passionate about working with clients to help them plan for the future and manage life’s transitions. Hurley, Burish & Stanton, S.C. is dedicated to proving clients with the comprehensive and thorough work usually expected of large firms while maintaining the personal working relationships and cost-effectiveness associated with smaller firms. The firm handles all types of estate planning. The firm represents a wide variety of individual and business clientele, including those with substantial wealth as well as those with modest means. Stop by hertable at the sale for information on the special Half-Pint Resale estate planning discount and enter our give away for a chance to win one of two $50 giftcards for Madison Originals!  You can also find her posting about family-related legal matters on facebook.


SwimWest has made the water a safer place for over 23 years!  We have sung the praises of Swim West Swim School for years (and years and years), and are continuing to do so.  Only a few years into swimming, the eldest of our kids can be found doing backstroke the length of the pool and our youngests are on their way.  We’ve seen the magic first hand that turns a child that hates the water to one that is laughing and giggling all throughout class.   With so many places to swim in and around Madison, having a child who is safe around water is a must.   Their philosophy is to “provide all children, regardless of age, race, or special needs, the best aquatic experience, to teach the necessary skills to be safe in the water, to nurture a love of swimming, and to educate parents about water safety and the aquatic learning process.”


Forward Fertility is an innovative progressive business run by Christie Olsen, a women’s health nurse practitioner and Madison-loving resident since 2002. Primarily, Forward Fertility provides professional guidance and support to women who want to be egg donors or surrogates along with the same exceptional service for the parents-to-be seeking surrogates and/or egg donors. In 2013-2014, approximately half of the Forward Fertility clients were men in search of surrogates or egg donors to become fathers!

Forward Fertility is also committed to the community at large to improve “Fertility Literacy” – increasing awareness about fertility testing, treatments, options, and education. This has been done through newspaper articles, radio interview, free information sessions across the state.  She also hosts A Conversation About Fertility: each FIRST Thursday of the month, from 8-9pm.  Join Christie Olsen to discuss what is on your mind!


Infant Learning Lab

Do you ever wonder how your baby is learning language? Would you like to learn more about how babies learn? Are you interested in participating in studies with your child? If so, the Infant Learning Lab would love to have you join them! The Infant Learning Lab is located at the UW-Madison Waisman Center, and has studies for children from 6 months to 4 years of age. A study only takes one 30-45 minute visit, and they provide childcare for siblings, as well as free on-site parking and taxi rides. Your child will receive a book, a t-shirt, or $10 as a thank you! If you’re interested in signing up or learning more, call them at (608) 263-5876 or email to You can also sign up online!



UW Health

UW Health is happy to offer CenteringPregnancy. It’s a great way to learn more about pregnancy, participate in your health care and meet other women who are pregnant and due at the same time as you. You will see your health care provider at the beginning of each group for an individual check-up, including blood pressure, weight, belly measurements and heartbeat checks. Then you will meet with your group to talk about many things like: nutrition, preparing for labor and delivery, breastfeeding, newborn care and parenting.  CenteringPregnancy groups start monthly and are offered at our 1102 S Park St Clinic location with providers from both Arboretum ObGyn Clinic and ACHC/Wingra Family Medical Center.




Meriter logo_287 blue

At Meriter-UnityPoint Health, they’re focused around a single purpose: you.  They are dedicated to providing comprehensive, coordinated care through our clinics, hospital and home care servicesfor patients located in South Central Wisconsin. Meriter offers adults and children primary and specialty care, including heart and vascular, orthopedics, women’s health and emergency services. The point of everything they do is you.




Sell your home for only 1% commission, with support from real estate attorneys through Open Homes!  Their mission is simple – Connect buyers and sellers directly. They put your home on the MLS and other websites, so you get the widest possible exposure. They give you a yard sign and a lockbox for your house key to facilitate showings. And they provide real estate attorneys to help you anytime you need it, so you’re never on your own. Open Homes empowers you to sell your home on your own terms and is the modern way to sell your home – without the high cost of a traditional agent, but with professional backup and help that flat fee/FSBO services can’t match!



Long Waisman logo with Blue SquareThe Waisman Center Children’s Theatre features a variety of performers–magicians, singers, dancers, musical groups, educators, and professional theatrical companies.   Many of the performances showcase children as the sole performers or “stars” of the production.  Download a copy of the season’s schedule!  Admission: $2.00, adults; $1.00, children.   Advance tickets for any show in the series can be purchased beginning at NOON on performance days .  All shows are sign interpreted!


Celebrating six years in Fitchburg and ten years in Middleton, The Little Gym is focused on Serious Fun whether it’s in a gymnastics class, at a Birthday bash or our amazing Parent Survivla Nights or Camps! We are excited about their newest programs: Tumblers – a grade school class focusing on tumbling skills that would be a great complement to other activities a child is in or an additional class each week AND Wonder Kids Club – a PreK enrichment program for ages 3-5 years old where the children come for 3 hours and work out in the gym while also having 2 hours of enrichment through reading, imagination, and organized, theme-based activities.    An Open House to celebrate their anniversaries will be Sunday September 21 from noon-2pm at the Fitchburg location and 3-5pm at the Middleton location!  Stop in to learn why their birthday parties have ranked number one in Parents magazine for a second time!


Parents - Google Chrome 982014 85919 PM

The Surrogacy Center has been providing safe, legal, and professional gestational surrogacy arrangements since 2002. They have had 109 babies born through our program and they just keep growing through referrals. They make it a priority to support our surrogates throughout the entire journey and guarantee independent legal representation for every surrogate. They are happy to arrange for a prospective surrogate to speak with an experiencedsurrogate to answer questions objectively.


Madison Area Midwives – This group of independent midwives provides prenatal, birth, and postpartum maternity care for women desiring to birth in their private homes. Madison and its surrounding areas are rich in maternity care options for childbearing families. Visit their website to see the home birth and hospital midwives currently practicing in Madison and the surrounding community.

Mother’s Milk Alliance – MMA is run by volunteer licensed midwives and community advocates dedicated to providing donor human milk to families in Dane County. MMA is an informed choice model of human milk sharing that facilitates donor lab testing, safety education, and health screening. This is free and local accessibility for infants up to 6 months of age.

Don’t miss it!   Microbirth Film Screening – September 20, 2014 – 5 pm film begins with refreshments, free admission, Promega – 5445 E Cheryl Parkway, a film revealing the microscopic events at birth that shape our future.


Flutterby BeginningsFlutterby Beginnings is a growing service offering private HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education classes, doula services, and doTERRA Essential Oils. HypnoBirthing® is a complete childbirth method that focuses on preparing you and your birthing companion for a gentle and satisfying birth experience. Having a doula benefits not only the laboring mother but also her birthing companion by being constantly near to offer support and guidance. Learn how you can provide safe benefits without side effects using doTERRA Essential Oils.


Hulafrog.logo.color.tag.900px copy.nolayersHula-Frog – Fun things for Kids to Do.  Have you checked out Hulafrog yet?  Subscribe to their newsletter for FREE and get their Our Pick emails & The Weekend Guide to find out about can’t miss activities, deals and events for families.  We love that they send us emails to remind us of fun happening around town.  Your kids will thank you for it!  WHILE YOU ARE THERE, don’t forget to show Half-Pint a little love by clicking on that heart next to our name!  (Thanks!)


Many thanks to the following businesses and organizations for their ongoing support!

chocolate shoppe ice crea   first moments photography  kindred_kids_logo_w_resale_libraryMadison_Facebook



13th Annual Half-Pint Resale

The 13th annual Half-Pint Resale is here!  Get your resuable bags ready and your cheat sheets complete.  Summer is around the corner – and my guess is that there are littles (and school-aged bigs) who could use some new-to-you clothing, some toys, and how about a few birthday gifts stashed away – all on a budget?

NI7A8809_PR13th Semi-Annual Spring/Summer Half-Pint Resale
Madison Curling Club

Saturday, April 12, 2014- 8am-7pm
Sunday, April 13, 2014- 8am-1pm (when everything is half off!)

Here are a couple of  things that might help you prepare for the season’s biggest 
shopping extravaganza:

1) Volunteers will be wearing black and will be wearing nametags.  They are here to help you!  There are a couple of volunteers with special duties that will really help you out:  Volunteers in the GEAR/LARGE ITEM AREA will help you purchase large items so you can easily purchase them without hindering the rest of your shopping experience (look for the signs on the wall).  Volunteers with a ASK ME ABOUT BABY CARRIERS sign on their backs are ladies who know a TON about baby carriers and will be hanging around in that area during a few hours of the sale to help you try carriers on and learn about what will be best for you and your baby.    We hope that these folks will help make your shopping experience better.

2) There are two main areas at the Madison Curling Club.  In the lobby area, there are tables, seats, and places to just take a load off!  Feel free to come in and take a seat, nurse your baby, dig into some food from Slide Food Cart (which will be onsite during lunch and dinner hours Friday and Saturday).  You are more than welcome to come and hang out – we only ask that you leave all yet-to-be-purchased items on the sales floor.

The sale area is in the arena part of the building.   We will have hold tables where you could bag your items, if you say, need to go sit and nurse your babe or use the restroom.    NOTE:  The temperature in the arena area is similar in temperature to the temperature outside, due to the nature of the space.   Dress in layers!

3) Spend some time reading through our Shopping Tips.   There are a few things to highlight…

4)  Strollers are NOT allowed during peak shopping times (anytime before Noon on Saturday).   It gets crowded and it would be unsafe for everyone.   We also highly recommend you not bring children.  We know – sometimes you have no choice!  But we’ve had several kids get lost (think kids shorter than the racks and at some peak shopping times, several hundred people packing the space).    Finally, Children of any size that are WORN in a carrier are ALWAYS welcome, anytime!  If you do bring kids, please make sure that they do not play with the toys or sit in the gear.  We’ve had kids break things (and then the item is unsellable) or have had people pass over things they want to buy because they think that they are accounted for, only to find out later that the person using the item wasn’t intending to buy it, and then a consignor lost the sale.

5) Check out all of our tips about holding items on our shopping tips page.  Remember that items can stay on the Hold table for one hour maximum.  PLEASE!  Don’t abandon items on this table!  Shoppers and consignors alike miss out.

6) Don’t forget to come on Sunday during the Half-Price sale!  Everything (excluding rare green-tagged items over $75 that a consignor asked to be excluded from the sale) is half-off!

7)  And last, but not least, We only take cash and check!  Keeping consignor checks as high as possible and keeping as much money  in the community as possible.


-Ellen and Lisa

PS – Half-Pint is only possible because of the tremendous community we are a part of.  Say thank to these folks next time you see them

PPS – Save a couple of bucks for some super awesome Half-Pint goods such as our new awesome Midwest Clay Project handmade mugs (tees and reusable bags still available as wellYou can carry the Half-Pint love with you year round.

The Incredible Supporters of Half-Pint

We love our community – and we are so thankful for all of the businesses and organizations who help make Half-Pint Resale a reality.  We couldn’t do it without any of them.  In your check-out bag you’ll find a stack of postcards from some of these folks.  Make sure to read them – they include special offers and notices on upcoming events – only for your Half-Pinters!  Many of them will also have tables near the check-out lines and all of them offer something that we think might be of interest to you.  So without further adieu:

Big Wheel Sponsors


Forward Fertility helps parents-to-be who need third-party fertility services begin their families with a perfectly matched egg, sperm, or embryo donor, or a gestational surrogate. Based in Madison and serving clients around the country, Forward Fertility’s founder Christie Olsen is a nurse practitioner with 16 years of experience in reproductive health care and 6 years running an egg donation/embryo donation/surrogacy program at one of the largest IVF clinics in Wisconsin.   Learn about what motivates people to become gestational surrogates.

On Saturday, April 26 (12 pm to 2 pm), Christie Olsen of Forward Fertility will be holding a free, public information session called “All Things Surrogacy” at the Happy Bambino store’s classroom on Madison’s east side. This is wonderful opportunity for women aged 21 to 45, and who are already a parent to their own child, to learn more about what’s involved in becoming a gestational surrogate (carrying a child who was conceived using someone else’s egg and sperm). Imagine what it would feel like to make someone else’s dream of having a child come true! No expectation and no commitment; bring a friend!


SwimWest Swim School offers convenient class times and has award winning instructors. Our Fitchburg facility won a *BEST Facility* award in ’International Aquatics’ Magazine. Come check us out- we offer FREE trail lessons to new families.  we love Swim West!  They’ve been supporters of Half-Pint since the beginning and our kids all learned to swim here.  And don’t miss their FREE Easter Egg Hunt and Open Swim on April 12th at our West Madison location (1001 Deming Way) from 2-4:45. (If you shop Half-Pint in the morning, you won’t miss a thing!) Egg hunts for all ages and open swim to follow!


Fullscreen capture 3302014 90850 PM

Hurley, Burish & Stanton, S.C. is dedicated to providing clients with the comprehensive and thorough work usually expected of large firms while maintaining the personal working relationships and cost-effectiveness associated with smaller firms.  Heather specializes in business and personal services, focusing on the areas of estate planning, family law, and the organization and management of small businesses.   Over half of her estate planning clients are families with young children. She also has an interest in helping same-sex couples and non-traditional families ensure they enjoy the full extent of their rights.  Post-sale until May 31, 2014, 20% off all estate planning services for clients referred to me by Half-Pint Resale!   Depending on the services requested, for most clients this will be savings of $100-$300.



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Parenting can be a delightful journey, full of joy and wonder. Yet it’s also often challenging, and parents sometimes feel overwhelmed and isolated. Particularly when we’re grappling with stressful circumstances such as illness, divorce, or the hectic pace of a full life. Or when we’re striving to parent in innovative ways, which may not be understood by our communities.

Lailah is passionate about helping parents thrive in healthy, deeply fulfilling lives while becoming more present and consciously responsive with their kids. Through coaching, you can become more able to care for yourself and meet your challenges while taking care of your family, even when feeling groundless and vulnerable.  Lailah’s clients become more able to fully enjoy the gifts of parenting and steadily grow through the challenges. In this way, we cultivate peace in our hearts, peace in our families, and peace in our world!

Tricycle and Scooter Sponsors


Polly Westmont Personal TrainingMaking your wellness a priority is a gift for not only you but also your family!  Polly Westmont Personal Training (a dedicated Half-Pinter!) offers individual, duo, or group personal training sessions as well as nutritional counseling, and boot camp classes.   Present the coupon (from your Half-Pint shopper coupon packet) or text #makemefit for a free drop-in to any boot camp class!    Outdoor bootcamps begin in May! Sign up by April 20th for a discounted rate!    “I love training with Polly!  Her workouts are creative, accessible and fun, without ever being intimidating. I always know that I got the most out of my time and investment.”  -Erika, Mother of 4


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Meriter is an innovative health care organization comprised of Meriter hospital, Meriter clinics and Meriter doctors. they offer pediatric clinics located in Madison, Middleton, Monona and DeForest.  Their clinics offer same-day appointments and an excellent care team dedicated to the health of your child. Set up a free meet and greet visit with one of their pediatricians today!   Stop by the Meriter table at Half-Pint to learn about food allergies and enter for your chance to win two children’s books about food allergy safety by award-winning author Amy Recob!   Also learn more about their upcoming Passport to Food Allergy Awareness event on May 17th (10am-Noon) at the Madison Central Library.   Storytime, Ask the Expert, kids arts & crafts, and goodie bags!

oh_logo_squareOpenHomes is a low-cost, high-tech real estate company.

Sell your home for only 1% commission, with support from real estate attorneys!  Their mission is simple – Connect buyers and sellers directly.   They put your home on the MLS and other websites, so you get the widest possible exposure.  They give you a yard sign and a lockbox for your house key to facilitate showings.  And they provide real estate attorneys to help you anytime you need it, so you’re never on your own.  Open Homes empowers you to sell your home on your own terms and is the modern way to sell your home – without the high cost of a traditional agent, but with professional backup and help that flat fee/FSBO services can’t match!

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Peace of Mind Nannies is a locally owned nanny agency in the Madison area. They help eliminate the stress of finding a nanny, because we are there for you every step of the way. Finding the right nanny is very detailed and important work and Peace of Mind Nannies can take the worry out of the process.  They pride ourselves on being rooted in personal relationships built upon face-to-face contact and continuous support. They interview each candidate personally and send our clients only the most highly qualified nannies!    Our goal is to help every family we meet choose from the best nannies in the area.


nikkis diapers Nicki’s Diapers is located on the west side of Madison, WI at 739 N. High Point Rd in Sauk Point Square (corner of Old Sauk and High Point next to the Alicia Ashman Madison Public Library). They offer all our current products but have also added more to support the breastfeeding mama.  They offer one of the largest selections of cloth diapers, baby carriers, and breastfeeding supplies in Wisconsin.


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The Little Gym is a nationally recognized franchise offering recreational gymnastics, birthday parties, camps, and Parent Survival Nights. If you have never been to The Little Gym in Middleton and Fitchburg, check-them out for an introductory experience to their award-winning, one-of-a-kind curriculum that thousands of children in the Madison area have been a part of over the past decade! They have Serious Fun at The Little Gym and can’t wait to see you on The Big Red Mat! Year Round Open Enrollment is available!  All new summer camps begin June 9!  They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year in Middleton!

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Madison Area Midwives – independent midwives providing out-of-hospital maternity care for women and their families in Dane County.  Check out their table at the sale!


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MMA is an informed choice model of human milk sharing that facilitates donor lab testing, safety education and health screening and free and local donor human milk for infants up to 6 months of age.  Have an over-filled freezer of milk and want to use it to help someone who is having supply issues?   Learn more!


Flutterby Beginnings

Flutterby Beginnings is inspiring families with knowledge and support before, during, and after their births so they can create their own amazing birth journeys.  Specializing in HypnoBirthing®, a complete childbirth method that focuses on preparing you and your birthing companion for a gentle and satisfying birth experience.  You will learn unique methods of relaxation, guided imagery, and visualization, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques.  With HypnoBirthing®, you will be aware and fully in control, but deeply and profoundly relaxed.


Brickz for Kids

Bricks 4 Kidz is a project based program in which they teach children through hands on classes how to use critical thinking skills, math and science concepts to build and design using LEGO bricks. They follow principles and methods of engineering and offer classes through after-school programs and in-school field trips/workshops in public and private Elementary Schools as well as Scouts, youth groups and recreation centers.   Their classes are focused on STEM and can be tailored to meet the curriculum objectives of the organization that they are partnering with. Bricks 4 Kidz also offers birthday parties, Kidz Night Out evening events, and seasonal day camps.


Many thanks to the following businesses and organizations for their ongoing support!

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