Locally Handmade Half-Pint Mugs!


We are super excited to announce that Half-Pint Resale will be selling limited edition, HANDMADE Half-Pint mugs at our next sale, made by the fabulous folks and artists at Midwest Clay Project.


Second to being thrify is my love of anything handmade – and watching artists at work.

These mugs – two different size (tall coffee and tea holding mugs, and stout latte holding mugs) – are all handmade from start to finish.  They are entirely local.  You’re going to want one, and each one is completely unique.


The mugs were thrown and fired.  Then acrylic “stickers” were hand applied to the mugs.  Next they were dipped in a glaze that is going to turn Brilliantly glossy black, leaving a white jack.  All that is left is for them to be fired.  (and most importantly, for you to buy one, and fill it with your favorite warm fall drink!)


We can’t wait to show you the final “product!”.  But they are so much more than a product.  So stuff a few dollars away for one of these handmade and one-of-a-kind mugs!  And check out Midwest Clay Project!


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