What is Half-Pint Resale? [Answered with Pictures]

What is Half-Pint Resale?  2013-04-18 - Spring Half-Pint Resale2

Half-Pint Resale is a twice per year consignment sale, with awesome stuff for kids aged 0-12, for new mommas, new parents, grandparents, and everyone who loves a little!

2013-04-18 - Spring Half-Pint Resale1

Consignors and Volunteers shop a day early at presales –

2013-04-18 - Spring Half-Pint Resale3

And then the sale opens to the public for an entire day, and good quality affordable items – tens of thousands of them! –  fly off the shelves!

2013-04-18 - Spring Half-Pint Resale7

And then it’s Sunday!  And the Half-Price sale begins.  While the tables and racks are looking comparably empty, there are still so many good deals to be found!

2013-04-18 - Spring Half-Pint Resale5

And what is left at the end of the sale?  

2013-04-18 - Spring Half-Pint Resale

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

You are going to come to the upcoming sale, right?  Check out our shopping tips!

Spread the word!

Half-Pint Resale is

[550+ consignors] selling,
[45,000+ items], at ONE BIG WEEKEND LONG SALE
twice per year in spring and fall
for kiddos (ages 0-12) and expecting families
run by 2 local moms and 350+ volunteers

Thanks to First Moments Photography, Half-Pint’s photographer, for these amazing pics!

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