Half-Pint by the Numbers: Spring 2014

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45,000 – Number of (estimated) available items for sale
1,886 – Total sales of our top Consignor this sale
292 – Number of shoppers waiting to get in on Friday when the doors opened at Noon (not including littles in carriers, of course!)
14 – Number of Consignors who sold over $900 worth of items
615– Total Number of consignors who registered for the Spring 2014 sale
183 – Number of these people who were new to Half-Pint
198 – Number of consignors who donated items to our Charitable Partners
5 – Fee, in dollars, that Consignors are charged for being in the sale
99+ – Percent of items that were half-price on Sunday (Only 4 items on the whole sales floor were not eligible for the half-price discount!)
62+ – Number of bags of spring/summer items and gear donated
60 – Number of Cities in Wisconsin where Consignors live (33% more than last sale!)
3 – Number of States were Consignors live
400 – Miles away the furthest Consignor lives
(Top 4, in order: Madison, Sun Prairie, McFarland, and Verona & Fitchburg (tied for fourth!)
52  – Percentage of consignors that live in Madison
1,403 – Total Number of Volunteer Hours
18 – Number of Community Businesses and Organizations partnering with Half-Pint
535 – Number of Places and Organizations where Volunteers posted information about the sale
170 –  Number of hours Lisa and Ellen spent at the Madison Curling Club over the five days
15 –  Pounds of Candy consumed by Volunteers
66 –  Number of days until the Fall 2014 Half-Pint Resale
0 – Cost to Enter or Park at the Sale (always free!)