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Designer Kid’s Fashion – Cheap!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m into it.  I want the cutest, hippest, most fun things for my boys (and nieces, nephews, friends, you name it).  And I want them CHEAP.

This is no longer a problem for me, thanks to all of the goods at Half-Pint.  But what about in between?  I have to get my fix somewhere, so I like to visit these sites:

I love the designer deals at HauteLook.  Items range everywhere from 25% to 80%+ off (80%!!!!).  It’s an invite only thing, but all you have to do is click here and you’re in!  The sales rotate every few days so if what they have today isn’t something you’re into, just wait a few and you’re sure to be gaga for something.  Up two weeks ago was DwellStudio Kids and I was thrilled at the selection.

The designer deals are just as awesome at RueLaLa.  Another invite only thing, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.   I haven’t been in there as long, butI have been oogling over the “ever-coveted-Title Nine look” of Horny Toad sale all day today (OK, this sales for me, but no-one’s complaining).

And just this week a few consignors alerted me to KidSteals.com and BabySteals.com?  Daily Deals!!!!  As you can imagine from their url, good things, cheap!


And as if the big-person-in-charge out there knew I was writing this post, I got yet another invite to join a site called Zulily that offers short designer sales, “Daily Deals for Moms, Babies and Kids”, much in the same format is HauteLook and RueLaLa, but all kid focused!   And at my first log-in, I discovered a Lassig (modern cool diaper bags – and belly bands!) and a  Baby Nay sale, so I might be hooked.

The great thing is – even if I don’t find something for my littles, I’m bound to find something for myself…

Even better? When I do buy something for my chillies, I know that when my kids have outgrown it, I can always sell it at Half-Pint…  And the cycle continues.

Happy shopping!


These boots are made for Stompin’

So I took my own advice and traced my Half-Pint’s foot before I went on a major garage saleing trip a weekend back.  And wadd’ya know, it’s a good thing that I did!  We were frantically picking up good deals (and I mean FRANTICALLY), and Lisa said “Check out these boots!  What is a size 120?” 

Good Question, what IS a size 120?  Perhaps that was the model number of the boot (with no size to be found), perhaps it was a size in an unknown sizing scheme (I know my euro sizing and that was NO euro size!) 


Truth be told, the boots were so cute I probably would have purchased them to give to another mom (and they would have been oh-so-lucky) – couldn’t pass up something like this in SUCH good shape when they were only $5.  But had I been on the end of my cash stash for the garage-sale adventure, I may have had to make some last minute important decisions. 

And my special handy-dandy paper foot-sizer  would have told me “BUY ‘EM”! 

My little Half-Pint couldn’t be happier.  This momma is pretty happy, too.

Don’t forget to send us examples of your thrifty finds using your handy printable cheat sheet.  Go on, you know you want to brag about your awesome deals!


Check out the awesome vintage space station I picked up as well.

Check out the awesome vintage space station I picked up as well.

Garage Sale tips for the OCD Mom

For the OCD Mom, you can take thrift hunting one step further. 

6-1-09 001If you want to be really prepared you can create a ziplock or envelope for Thrift/Resale shopping.  I have created this a few years ago after having a second child and realizing the jumping in an out of the car to check out sales was not as quick and easy as it used to be when I was shopping solo.  In the ziplock (which I keep in the glove compartment) I keep my list and a pen, an envelope stocked with $20 in one dollar bills and $20 in 5’s, and a snack (something with a lot of peices that will preoccupy them for a while-  my latest favorite is candy necklaces).
Keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt to buy ahead for things that will cost you a lot to buy new and you are sure to need in the next few years. 

Examples of this for me are soccer shoes, ice skates, blue jeans, dress shoes(urghhh), life-preservers, rain boots and jackets.
Also, talk to your mom-friends about things that you are in need of.  A lot of times moms are out and about see an item that the wish they “knew someone who could use it” because it is such a good find.  Your needed item might be right at the tip of a friends fingers, saving you even more time and money.


Printable Bargain Cheat Sheets

It’s the time of year for thrift (or garage, for you fellow midwesterners) sales.  If you’ve got the time to poke around, there are great finds in those endless stacks of odds and ends.    As two busy moms, to be fully prepared for the dig, we’ve come up with a plan that is sure to help you in your thrift shopping year round.
First, take inventory and survey your needs.  Take out all of those bins or empty our last year’s dresser drawer and see what you already have and where the “holes” are.  For example, just this past week I pulled out a fabulous new pair of Paulina Quintana pants that I purchased a year ago on super clearance.  With their bright blue, red and black design, I realized that I don’t have hardly ANY plain colored t-shirts (especially in dark neutral tones to play down the craziness of the pants). 

To assist you with this inventory, we’ve developed a great checklist (boy and girl)  that you can download from our website  or from our blog’s printable’s page to highlight what you are missing.  

6-1-09 073
Second, using this list, create a shopping list of your needs.  Of course you aren’t going to pass up the deal of a lifetime on another pair of crazy pants, but it might help you focus your gaze a bit more tightly.  Think beyond your current season needs and sizes.  To be truly thrifty, you’ll want to use this opportunity to broaden your scope to the following areas:  next season’s clothing and outdoor gear, sports clothing and gear, extras or seconds needed for camp, daycare, preschool, the cabin, and Grandma’s house (Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to drag your pack and play each time Grandma took the kids for a night?) and special occassion clothing.
On the back of your list trace one of your child’s feet in pen and then trace one of their basic shoes around it in pencil.  THis will come in handy when you find yourself evlauting shoes for purchase that no longer or never were labeled by size or are labeled in a foreign sizing.
Finally, stick your list(s) in your purse or in the car for surprise thrift stops!

Watch for our next posting for what Lisa calls “Garage Sale tips for the OCD Mom”.