Designer Kid’s Fashion – Cheap!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m into it.  I want the cutest, hippest, most fun things for my boys (and nieces, nephews, friends, you name it).  And I want them CHEAP.

This is no longer a problem for me, thanks to all of the goods at Half-Pint.  But what about in between?  I have to get my fix somewhere, so I like to visit these sites:

I love the designer deals at HauteLook.  Items range everywhere from 25% to 80%+ off (80%!!!!).  It’s an invite only thing, but all you have to do is click here and you’re in!  The sales rotate every few days so if what they have today isn’t something you’re into, just wait a few and you’re sure to be gaga for something.  Up two weeks ago was DwellStudio Kids and I was thrilled at the selection.

The designer deals are just as awesome at RueLaLa.  Another invite only thing, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.   I haven’t been in there as long, butI have been oogling over the “ever-coveted-Title Nine look” of Horny Toad sale all day today (OK, this sales for me, but no-one’s complaining).

And just this week a few consignors alerted me to and  Daily Deals!!!!  As you can imagine from their url, good things, cheap!

And as if the big-person-in-charge out there knew I was writing this post, I got yet another invite to join a site called Zulily that offers short designer sales, “Daily Deals for Moms, Babies and Kids”, much in the same format is HauteLook and RueLaLa, but all kid focused!   And at my first log-in, I discovered a Lassig (modern cool diaper bags – and belly bands!) and a  Baby Nay sale, so I might be hooked.

The great thing is – even if I don’t find something for my littles, I’m bound to find something for myself…

Even better? When I do buy something for my chillies, I know that when my kids have outgrown it, I can always sell it at Half-Pint…  And the cycle continues.

Happy shopping!


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