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Get the Half-Pint special!

Ironworks Cafe is our home away from home while during Half-Pint weekend.  We are very fortunate that this home serves fantabulous baked goods, spectacularly creative, delicious, creative and affordable breakfasts and lunches – and oh, did we mention some of the coffee  in TOWN?  (Oh, and they are a non-profit, and help teens learn the ins and outs of a business, too – Icing on some Seriously Awesome Cake).

And what makes all of you extra lucky is that we are teaming up with them to give you the Half-Pint Special.  Half-off any  baked good with the purchase of coffee.  Offer good the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Half-Pint!  Just mention that you’d like the Half-Pint Special.


Ironworks Cafe offering Half-Pint Special!

Have you eaten at Ironworks Cafe?

Mmmmmmm, we have, and often.

Ironworks is this amazing coffee-shop/cafe in the Goodman Community Center.  It is situated right on the bike path, and offers a menu of local, DELICIOUS, coffee and food.  We’re talking interesting, seasonal, scrumptious menu items and baked goods.  All at an extremely reasonable price.

The COOLEST thing about the cafe?   Teens are at the heart.  The Cafe is a part of a teen employment program at the Center.  When you eat there, you are helping teens learn basic job skills, and food and customer skills.  They are also learning the ins and out of a business.

Ironworks will be offering a Half-Pint Special!

Get a cup of coffee for only $1 with the purchase of one of their (amazing) baked goods.    Just mention “Half-Pint Special! And it’s all yours.

Check out their hours here – You’ll note that they are closed on Friday for training, BUT (because they are so kind) will have a cart out by the sale from 10am-4pm!

Plan to stop for a treat  – we certainly will be!

Ellen and Lisa

Coffee Talk event: Get Fit, Mamas!

MomAppeal and Bean Sprouts are hosting monthly momma chats featuring local experts, and there is free coffee,  AND I can bring the kids.  Sounds good so far.

But then they said that the upcoming one is going to feature Dustin Maher, a cute fit dude who is makin’ momma’s all over Madison in shape.  Do I really want to go and listen to some guy tell me that I’m not working out enough?!  Even the free coffee didn’t make it all that appealing.  That is when I started to get skeptical.

But then I took a second to read on – “Dustin will teach 5 body-transforming exercises you can easily do at home—whether watching the kids in the yard or Oprah on TV. He’ll also advise on exercises to avoid (yes mamas, it’s crunches!), and share nutrition tips on the top metabolism-boosting foods you can eat.”  Uh, ok.  Now That sounds good.   I could use a little advice, and a way to fit some more fitness into my already crammed life!

You can read more here, but here is the down and dirty:

Date: Tuesday, August 18

Time: 10am-11am

FREE! Bring the kids.

Location: Bean Sprouts cafe, 6719 Frank Lloyd Wright Avenue, Suite 101, Middleton, WI 53562. 608.826.6YUM.