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Facebook Fun: Photo up!

It’s time for a little facebook fun!  (are you on facebook but still not our friend?  find us here!)

Are you consigning next week?  Take a picture of the your favorite items that you are selling.  Post them on facebook and tag us (and remember to make your picture public).

Not consigning, but are a past shopper?  Post a picture of your favorite Half-Pint purchase.  (And follow suit:  tag us, make that picture public).

New to Half-Pint?  Browse through the pics and LIKE away!

CRAZY FORTS! The best thing we've ever purchased at Half-Pint. Whoever sold these last year, we hope you bring more! We want an entire Tent City for our friends!

Everyone who ‘posts’ or ‘likes’ between 12:01am Friday, September 2 and 11:59pm Monday, September 5, will be entered to win a $20 Gift Certificate for the upcoming sale!

so, POST UP!


Watcha’ Selling? Post a picture and win!

You’ve sorted through your bins-o-stuff to sell, and you know you’ve got good stuff.  Now is your chance to use your piles to win a gift certificate to the sale!

Post up to THREE pictures of your absolute best for-sale items on your facebook page and TAG us.    Then let the fun begin!

The person who posts the picture with the most LIKE’S will receive a $15 Half-Pint Resale  Gift Certificate.  One person who likes the winning picture, drawn at random, will also receive a $15 Half-Pint Resale Gift Certificate.

The fun starts now and ends on Sunday, April 3 at 10pm.

Thanks for playin!

-EC and LS

PS Don’t forget to change your privacy settings so that your pictures can, at minimum, be seen by friends of friends.  Then, when we share them on our blog, otherwise will be able to see them and “like” them!

Facebook Winners

I’m sitting here following up all kinds of details and all of a sudden it occurs to me – omg!  We never announced our Facebook winners!

We were so busy catching up with our family, taking care of details, getting sick (ah, post stress sick, everyone’s favorite)…  We spent weeks loving you posting all of your pictures, oohing and ahhing at all of your fabulous finds, and never followed up on our end of the bargain.  Shame on us!

So, we have THREE Half-Pint tshirts to give away – your choice from our fabulous (short sleeve adult, long sleeve women’s and baby sizes!) And the winners are…

Martha S.
Jen J.
Katherine S.

Still interested in buying a Half-Pint tee?  We’ll have them up on for sale in just a few weeks!  Stay tuned


What's New

Laundry Tips!

What's New

I am not so good in the laundry department.  And this came to “light” as we were working on tagging this past weekend.  So last week Friday, we posted a challenge on our facebook page – give us your best suggestions, and the best idea will win a gift certificate to this coming weekend’s Half-Pint sale!

But your ideas rock, as do your product suggestions.  I plan to implement many!  Here are my favorites (and head to our facebook page to read them all!)

(Winner of the $10 Gift Certificate) – I agree with soaking right away. We also take ALL of our kids clothes and soak them in the sink next to the washer with water and oxi-clean or some similar oxygen based bleach while doing the first load of not-so-likely to be stained items (grown-ups clothes, towels, etc). That way we are pre-treating stains that we might not even know are there. (SP) Editor’s Note – The reason why I love this is that it makes up for the fact that I know that I won’t take the time to pretreat any stains, despite the fact that it probably saves the day in almost all cases.  A little sorting at the washer is about is easy as it might get.

(Solid Runner-up)I love BioKleen! I’ve got a bottle hanging on the laundry hamper, one in the bathroom – for soaking and diapers, and another in the by the washer. (RP) Editor’s Note –  While vinegar, Shout, Biokleen, Ecover, Norwex, and oxy all got great reviews, the part I Love about this is the bottle hanging on the hamper.  Hmmm, I may have to get this a try.

And you gotta love that the thing that got the most reviews is the good ole’ sunshine.