Facebook Fun: Photo up!

It’s time for a little facebook fun!  (are you on facebook but still not our friend?  find us here!)

Are you consigning next week?  Take a picture of the your favorite items that you are selling.  Post them on facebook and tag us (and remember to make your picture public).

Not consigning, but are a past shopper?  Post a picture of your favorite Half-Pint purchase.  (And follow suit:  tag us, make that picture public).

New to Half-Pint?  Browse through the pics and LIKE away!

CRAZY FORTS! The best thing we've ever purchased at Half-Pint. Whoever sold these last year, we hope you bring more! We want an entire Tent City for our friends!

Everyone who ‘posts’ or ‘likes’ between 12:01am Friday, September 2 and 11:59pm Monday, September 5, will be entered to win a $20 Gift Certificate for the upcoming sale!

so, POST UP!


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