Laundry Tips!

I am not so good in the laundry department.  And this came to “light” as we were working on tagging this past weekend.  So last week Friday, we posted a challenge on our facebook page – give us your best suggestions, and the best idea will win a gift certificate to this coming weekend’s Half-Pint sale!

But your ideas rock, as do your product suggestions.  I plan to implement many!  Here are my favorites (and head to our facebook page to read them all!)

(Winner of the $10 Gift Certificate) – I agree with soaking right away. We also take ALL of our kids clothes and soak them in the sink next to the washer with water and oxi-clean or some similar oxygen based bleach while doing the first load of not-so-likely to be stained items (grown-ups clothes, towels, etc). That way we are pre-treating stains that we might not even know are there. (SP) Editor’s Note – The reason why I love this is that it makes up for the fact that I know that I won’t take the time to pretreat any stains, despite the fact that it probably saves the day in almost all cases.  A little sorting at the washer is about is easy as it might get.

(Solid Runner-up)I love BioKleen! I’ve got a bottle hanging on the laundry hamper, one in the bathroom – for soaking and diapers, and another in the by the washer. (RP) Editor’s Note –  While vinegar, Shout, Biokleen, Ecover, Norwex, and oxy all got great reviews, the part I Love about this is the bottle hanging on the hamper.  Hmmm, I may have to get this a try.

And you gotta love that the thing that got the most reviews is the good ole’ sunshine.