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We know you love Half-Pint.  and we have to tell you, Half-Pint wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for these following businesses.  We’re not big in the advertising department, but Seriously folks, Half-Pint wouldn’t be possible for us to continue without the amazing local businesses who come forward to say HEY! WE LOVE HALF-PINT, TOO!  They all will have some sort of presence at the sale (a table, a floor sponsorship, a flyer at checkout) so you can learn more about all of them.

The next time you see them or shop at these local businesses, think about how much they care about you and the community.  Say Thanks!
Connor Health and Family Wellness – We met these folks at the Atwood Summerfest and they handed us this green seaweed drink that filled us with health and energy for hours!  They focus on alot of the things that new parents need help with – chronic pain, nutritional deficiencies and more.  Dr. Laura Connor is a Chiropractor by trade, and also a momma!

Fitzgerald Photography– Mallory, of Fitzgerald Photography, has been the official Half-Pint photographer for several sales.  When she first came to us, she was just starting out her business, but now, she has even announced that she is moving beyond just (as if this is a just) photographing babies and family’s in their natural settings – but now she is also doing event photography!  Think capturing the perfect moments at your child’s first or fifth or tenth birthday, or how about your trip to the Pumpkin Patch this fall?  (Just think, you, too, the family photography could be IN the pictures for once.  Seems like you should make up an occasion just so you can finally take your place in your family’s photographic history!)

Stroller Strides – I have several friends who are workout fiends.  We all know, post-baby – it’s hard to get back into the swing of things.  So when when they all said “HOLY COW!  Those Stroller Stride workouts are kicking my Butt…” I knew it was the real thing.  Want to get back in shape but have baby in tow?  Perfect!  Pack em up in their stroller and go!  You’ll both love it.

Midwest Clay Project – An awesome Half-Pint friend and volunteer just started up this project/studio on Willy Street on Madison’s east side (918 to be exact, and it’s nestled in between Madison Sourdough and Plan B).   Their goal is to more than just hook people up to some clay and a wheel (ceramics, to be specific!).  The studio will be designed to be inspirational and dynamic for people of all abilities (novice to professional).  On top of all of this (and here are all of my favorite parts) – they are set up to accommodate children and adults with a wide range of physical abilities and special needs and will have a wheelchair accessible wheel!  AND they are going to have a sales gallery with a  shelf of objects for children to buy that are under a dollar.  I’m in love (do you think they’ll let me move in?).  Their website will be up in just a week or two, so check back!

Swim East – Both Lisa and I have sent our kids to Swim East.  My son, who last January was Afraid (despite the fact that he had been in the water since birth) of going to the deep end, even with me holding him, was an absolute fish by three weeks into Swim East.  And just yesterday he said to me -“Hey, Mom, when am I going to swimming lessons again?  I loved swimming lessons.  They taught me cool tricks about swimming and I need to learn more.”   Yes, the glory of Swim East.

Mother Nature’s Diapers – Cloth Diapering isn’t easy.  Mother Nature’s Diapers, who is back sponsoring us for a second year, makes cloth diapering almost a snap. Not only are they saving the world by offering a non-disposable alternative for busy families, but using a commercial service actually saves water and energy.

Tenney Nursery and Parent Center – An enriching, play-based preschool for children 2-6 years of age.  While our kids didn’t attend, we have a gazillion friends whose children did attend, and from all accounts, it’s a beautiful place to be as a child.  Could you want more for your little than to send them to a Preschool where they are taught to grow emotionally and respect their friends?  Good stuff!

Happy Bambino – Madison’s premier place to get  quality pregnancy and parenting resources, safe, green, locally-made products and  caring, hands-on support  – from pre-conception through birth and beyond.  If you are pregnant or a new parent, HB is the place to go.  Their parenting resources and groups are out of this world.  They personally helped me through some major breastfeeding struggles, introduced me to several of my bestest friends, and saved my wallet issues (which are great, mind you) with their JuJeBe line.  AND on top of this, they’ve been HUGE Half-Pint supporters and such good friends to Lisa and I (uh oh, I’m getting teary).  OH!  And they are going to have a huge giveaway AND chocolate at their table.

Natale Photography – Pregnant Momma bellies are gorgeous.  Both times I was pregnant, I wore bikinis All summer.  It was the first  and second time I’ve ever worn a bikini.  Oh, bellies!!!!!  Natale Photography takes GORGEOUS shots of bellies.  It’s one of those times that you’ll look back on some day and realize that, even though it felt like a long 9 months, it is gone so fast.  I wish I had taken the time to Love my belly more and capture it in all it’s glory and beauty.  Do it.

Bloom Bakeshop -My fulltime daytime gig is in Middleton, just a block away from Bloom Bakeshop.  It’s one of those things that you might think is a curse of sorts (such temptation), but when you find out what they make their bakery from, well, you realize you’ve just hit the jackpot as far as work locations.  Everything they make is from REAL ingredients.  You might remember, that before ingredients that only sounded like food existed, people actually baked with real honest-to-goodness food. And it’s DELICIOUS. They even have a whole line of yummy goodness that is dairy and/or gluten free so if you are a nursing momma or have a kiddo with allergies, this is your Bakery.  Did I mention that they are a pickup point for a local Egg CSA?

Willowpads – We love things that are reusable (oh, you could tell?)  The folks over at the Willow Store and Willowpads are LOCAL, they are USA made, and they are pure awesome quality.  From diapers to feminine hygiene products, to reusable wipes.    Made with organic cotton and hemp you’ll be treating yourself and your baby well.

EnAct – EnAct is a program to help you live a greener, more sustainable life and to build community. Using their book as a guide, you can work on your own or create a team of friends, coworkers, or neighbors.   Together, you will discover more than 1,000 actions to conserve energy, waste less, save water, drive less, eat well, and save money!  All things we all care about.

Madison Waldorf  School
– Waldorf education is such a beautiful thing.  It addresses children’s intellectual capacities with lessons that reach their heart, head and hands, but also encourages their sense of wonder and joy in being alive in the world today.  Joy of being alive!!!!!!!!  What a nurturing way to raise your child.  The cool thing about the Madison Waldorf school is that they are growing in size each year as their first class ages.  And on top of that, they have toddler playgroups where children play with playsilks, make crowns from nature objects, and bake together in a communal baking project.

Madison Smile Solutions – Children and babies need dental visits, too!  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that babies have their first visit by their first birthday – and Madison Smile Solutions offers these visits for FREE!  They are parents themselves (and even have  a new baby) and care greatly about families and children – so much so that they even have a section on their website dedicated to the issues that you and your children should care about.

Kindred Kids – Our official Half-Pint charity – they are the recipients of all of those items that aren’t sold and are donated by our consignors.   Meeting the needs of family’s who have children with special needs, they are a caring life-line to so many, which is why we are so very proud to be associated with them.  And they have this super cool lending library which we visited last year.  Check it out!


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