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It’s Sale 15!

Consignor and Volunteer Registration is Open!
I heard birds chirping the other day, and when I left work, it was light outside.  Hallelujah, Spring is around the corner!  Nothing better to beat these final winter doldrums than to start getting ready for the upcoming 15th Half-Pint Resale!
There are a couple new little tidbits that might be of “news” to our returning Consignors.  Read more about these changes on our Consignor Page before you register.
Have you been to Half-Pint Resale? It’s the area’s largest children’s consignment sale, with items for kids ages 0-12, pregnant mommas, and new parents. With tens of thousands of items sold in just three days (see the video), local families can put their gently used goods back into the community and some money back in their pockets, and shoppers get great deals, knowing that their dollars are heading right back into the community.


For those of you who are new to consigning, check out the Consigning area of our website for loads of info that will explain how it all works, and learn about all of the fabulous perks of consigning including 70% of your sales (the highest of any other consignment sale in the area and always 70% whether or not you volunteer), and a special pre-sale all for you!

Barcodes you say?  Once you are registered through our online system, you be able to print out barcodes that correspond with your specific Consignor Number and the Price.  Barcodes are then copied easily onto labels.  Labels are affixed to a tag, giving you the flexibility to tag with a glass of wine in front of the TV or with a gaggle of friends (you can see where our priorities continue to lie, hey?).  Don’t worry, we spell it all out for you on our consignor page!

And guess what?  Choose to donate any goods not sold post sale to the non-profits that Half-Pint supports and you will be automatically be eligible to win a $100 Food Fight Gift Certifcate (yum!).


We have a lot of fun, so you should Join us! Plus, you get in to the first Presale! There are many kinds of volunteer opportunities and a huge variety of times available. Can’t make the presale? You can join us at the Consignor Presale instead!


Want to get the word out about your family-friendly business/non-profit to area families? Find out more!

If you haven’t already, make sure you join our email list and like us on Facebook so that you can get in on fun contests and find more ways to get your pre-Half-Pint fix!

You Could be the Answer

You know those moments when your child does something that makes you realize what a gift it is to be a parent – when your child makes an adorable face that you can’t resist squishing or kissing, or asks you a funny but thought provoking question, or achieves something after working really hard?  That feeling is unexplainable and overwhelming – the warmth and love you feel in your heart makes every lost mitten (even if it’s the third of the week) worth it.

Mom pushing girl on swing

Today, right now….you have friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family who long to experience those same feelings – even when it comes with never-ending mitten resupply and fixing the DIY toddler haircut.

Many people dream of having a family.   Some people seem to get pregnant so easily – but yet others cannot.  It can seem unfair, and it’s hard to understand.  And in many cases, there is no easy answer to the reason for the difficulty.

For many of these people, achieving the dream of becoming parents is possible – but ultimately includes others: either through adoption, sperm donation, egg donation, or surrogacy.  It’s not the most common path to parenthood, but thousands of Wisconsin residents each year embark on a journey that often starts with the kindness of another human being. Becoming a mom or a dad through adoption, egg donation, sperm donation, or surrogacy can be expensive, heart wrenching, and bumpy, but is worth it for those who long to be parents.

Have you considered that you or someone you know could be the answer to someone’s struggle?  There are parents-to-be who are currently in search of the right woman to help them achieve their dream of parenthood through gestational surrogacy.

Could you be the one for them?  Or, do you know someone who loved being pregnant?

Forward Fertility, a locally-owned Madison-based service agency, is proud to help interested gestational surrogates learn more about the process, answer questions, and explain the pros and cons – and then, if surrogacy is the right match, connect them with the perfect clients so they can together make the dream of parenthood a reality.

Did you know —

  • There is no genetic relation that exists between the surrogate and the baby.
  • There is significant compensation to being a gestational surrogate.

If you, or someone you know might be interested in learning more about surrogacy, or you are simply curious about the process, please come to a free community information session at Happy Bambino on Saturday, November 23rd, from 12-2pm and meet Christie Olsen, nurse practitioner and owner of Forward Fertility.  RSVP appreciated to accommodate all interested, but all are welcome!

Contact Christie at Christie@forwardfertility.com or 608-217-7511.   You can also learn more on their website.

Birthday Party WonderLand (on sale?!)

I don’t know about you, but birthday parties bring me a fair amount of anxiety. My family loves to celebrate, and we love parties.  But kid’s birthday parties, to me, bring an extra dose of exhaustion.  We live in a small house, so the question always begs – do we have it here?  How many kids do we  invite?  Will their parents fit, and if they don’t, how many kids can I actually watch at once?  Do I make the cake?   And then there is the trip to the party store for the decorations, the craft store for the activity materials  that I don’t plan until the days  before, and the food, and the party bags, and don’t forget to grab balloons the day of the party…    Before you know it, the cheap, easy little party you were planning has consumed your week and budget, and the kids haven’t even arrived yet.

Certainly we all LOVE to celebrate our little’s birthdays, and we want them have fun, memorable celebrations.  How do it and still stay sane?

We think we may have found the answer.

Did you know that our top ranked Madison Children’s Museum now offers birthday party packages?  BINGO!

Yep, there are a lot of different fun places around town that offer birthday party packages.  But I think that this one offers one of the best deals in town, hands down.     For a comparable price to other packages in town, you get:

  • Museum admission for up to 12 children and their adults.    This might be enough right here – 12 kids playing at the Children’s Museum (arguably the most fun place in town and certainly the one that my kids ask for the most) AND their adults.  No more worry about whether or not you will be able to track down 12 squirrely kids, cause the adults can come for free.    Pick a time slot earlier in the day and those 12 kids and their adults can stay the rest of he day to explore the museum.  It’s like a giant free gift for your birthday party attendees.
  • Birthday cupcakes and Beverages.  And guess what?  The cupcakes are made by Bean Sprouts Cafe, which means that it’s more than just yummy, it’s good for you, and YOU didn’t have to try and figure out how to hide the carrots or beets in the cake.
  • A free Children’s Museum Tee for your kiddo.  (Happy Birthday from the Museum!)
  • Tableware, Decorations, Set-up, Clean-up, Take down.  All of those details that aren’t exactly fun.  You didn’t have to bring a thing, and you don’t need to make a trip to the party store.   And you don’t need to clean up the green frosting your son smashed all over the floor.
  • A “Funstigator” .  Which means you don’t necessarily have to be the life of the party and you can keep your clown nose at home.
  • Lots of additional add-on options, including party bags, healthy snacks or lunch items, and party themes (complete with a cool activity – see the “Activity Party” heading, or voila, the “Cooking Party” heading!!)

A Half-Pint mom recently shared with us why they held their 7 year old daughter’s last party there.  “The new museum is her favorite place and we wanted to do something extra special for her this year and we knew she and her friends would have a very fun and memorable experience.”  What was her favorite part of the party?  “The whole thing was awesome, but I’d have to say that the scavenger hunt activity was really great. Emmie and her guests were detectives solving the mystery of the missing cupcakes by gathering clues scattered throughout the museum. The kids even made mustaches and detective badges for the hunt! They really ate it all up!”

(Aside – I don’t know about you,  but I can’t imagine how long it would take me to come up with a full scavenger hunt, and honestly, would I want my child and 11 of his friends running around my house unearthing Gosh only knows what finding things?  No thank you)

So on top of it already being a good deal…

When you come to Half-Pint Resale next week, you’ll be able to SCORE a $15 off-a-party coupon, thanks to the awesome generosity of the museum, a Half-Pint Resale Sponsor. Already a member at the museum – which I would personally recommend-  Get $25 off!

And for those of you who have been *thinking* about purchasing a membership, I personally can’t recommend it highly enough.  With so much to do for our entire family (even us) it’s become a favorite destination.  My almost-6 year old likes it as much – if not more – than our 2 year old, and I adore going because I feel artistically inspired every time I’m there.  I also personally love sitting at the bottom of the Hodgepodge Mahal.)   Between the classes, the discounts around town (which I didn’t even know about until today!) check out their prices online – and did you know that they offer reduced-fee memberships to people who qualify?)

So don’t forget to pick up your coupon when you are at the sale next week.  It will add an extra dose of thriftyness you can’t get anywhere else-