You Could be the Answer

You know those moments when your child does something that makes you realize what a gift it is to be a parent – when your child makes an adorable face that you can’t resist squishing or kissing, or asks you a funny but thought provoking question, or achieves something after working really hard?  That feeling is unexplainable and overwhelming – the warmth and love you feel in your heart makes every lost mitten (even if it’s the third of the week) worth it.

Mom pushing girl on swing

Today, right now….you have friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family who long to experience those same feelings – even when it comes with never-ending mitten resupply and fixing the DIY toddler haircut.

Many people dream of having a family.   Some people seem to get pregnant so easily – but yet others cannot.  It can seem unfair, and it’s hard to understand.  And in many cases, there is no easy answer to the reason for the difficulty.

For many of these people, achieving the dream of becoming parents is possible – but ultimately includes others: either through adoption, sperm donation, egg donation, or surrogacy.  It’s not the most common path to parenthood, but thousands of Wisconsin residents each year embark on a journey that often starts with the kindness of another human being. Becoming a mom or a dad through adoption, egg donation, sperm donation, or surrogacy can be expensive, heart wrenching, and bumpy, but is worth it for those who long to be parents.

Have you considered that you or someone you know could be the answer to someone’s struggle?  There are parents-to-be who are currently in search of the right woman to help them achieve their dream of parenthood through gestational surrogacy.

Could you be the one for them?  Or, do you know someone who loved being pregnant?

Forward Fertility, a locally-owned Madison-based service agency, is proud to help interested gestational surrogates learn more about the process, answer questions, and explain the pros and cons – and then, if surrogacy is the right match, connect them with the perfect clients so they can together make the dream of parenthood a reality.

Did you know —

  • There is no genetic relation that exists between the surrogate and the baby.
  • There is significant compensation to being a gestational surrogate.

If you, or someone you know might be interested in learning more about surrogacy, or you are simply curious about the process, please come to a free community information session at Happy Bambino on Saturday, November 23rd, from 12-2pm and meet Christie Olsen, nurse practitioner and owner of Forward Fertility.  RSVP appreciated to accommodate all interested, but all are welcome!

Contact Christie at or 608-217-7511.   You can also learn more on their website.

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