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Be Planet-Wise – and WINNERS announced!

Because one of the fabulous businesses that displayed at Half-Pint didn’t come on board until a few days before the sale (and because we were swamped with last minute to-do lists), we weren’t able to tell you about them then.  But we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make sure you know about Planet Wise!

Planet Wise Inc. is a local company that takes pride in their Made in the USA, Reusable, Earth-Friendly Products.  Their Reusable, Waterproof Wet-Bags are especially helpful at the swimming pool for your wet swimsuits assuring that everything else in your bag stays dry.  Also, they can be used for dirty diapers!  (We even heard someone say that they use them as a reusable-baggie for snacks at work!)

My Swim Baby is a sister company of Planet Wise, and is located only 20 minutes from Madison.  They sell everything for your sun and water baby including but not limited to, Sunglasses, UV Protective Shirts, Swim Shoes, Sun Hats, Swimsuits and Reusable Swim Diapers.

You may have seen their 10% off coupons at the sale (hope you grabbed some – awesome deal!)   But they also have a prize in our giveaway – one of their great wetbags AND a swim diaper!


We have them!    We’ll be emailing all of you-lucky-folk individually, but here are your intials:

Business Display Winners:  EO, JJ, AG, MF, JR and CH

Food Drive Winners:  NV, and TM

Half-Pint Gift-Certificate Winner (for signing up for our Email List):  JM

Coming Soon!

We’ll be emailing soon about checks (for all of you fabulous consignors!), and about the unveiling of our new website at the beginning of May!  And don’t forget to continue posting the pictures of your Loot on Facebook (we love seeing them!)!  Post (and tag us) until April 28th, and we’ll pick winners for some Half-Pint Loot!

-Ellen and Lisa

This is it! Half-Pint is here!

It doesn’t get any more Madison than this, does it?

Spring 2010 Half-Pint Resale

200+ consignors

1000+ shoppers

10,000+ ITEMS

All keeping Madison/Dane County Green, and saving families Green at the same time.

It’s the LARGEST Children’s Consignment Sale (as well as our largest yet) –  do you really want to miss it?

See you there!

Sale Dates and Times

Friday, April 9th

10:00-11:00 Volunteer PreSale

11:30-12:30 Consignor PreSale

2:00-8:00pm PUBLIC Sale

Saturday, April 10th

8:00-Noon PUBLIC Sale

1:00-5:00 HALF-PRICE Sale

New this sale: Beer and Pizza Volunteer Shifts

We’re announcing our Half-Pint volunteer shifts! Get ’em while they are hot.

New this sale?  Beer and Pizza shifts (no joke).  You come volunteer during these specific shifts (see the form for dates and times), and we feed you pizza and beer.   (We’ll have water, too, but you know you’re coming for the beer).  Also this sale, we’re opening up four Flyering shifts to anyone interested, AND we’ve added name-your-own-time data entry shifts.

So, pick your top shifts now, and we’ll assign you based on availability and needs.  And we’ll be forever grateful.

OH – The best part?  It’s not the good Karma (or even the Beer and Pizza), it’s that you can get into the VOLUNTEER SALE, of course.  Yep, by volunteering, you get to  shop before everyone else, Friday, April 9th, from 10am-11am.

Click here, you’ll never turn back….

-Ellen and Lisa