New this sale: Beer and Pizza Volunteer Shifts

We’re announcing our Half-Pint volunteer shifts! Get ’em while they are hot.

New this sale?  Beer and Pizza shifts (no joke).  You come volunteer during these specific shifts (see the form for dates and times), and we feed you pizza and beer.   (We’ll have water, too, but you know you’re coming for the beer).  Also this sale, we’re opening up four Flyering shifts to anyone interested, AND we’ve added name-your-own-time data entry shifts.

So, pick your top shifts now, and we’ll assign you based on availability and needs.  And we’ll be forever grateful.

OH – The best part?  It’s not the good Karma (or even the Beer and Pizza), it’s that you can get into the VOLUNTEER SALE, of course.  Yep, by volunteering, you get to  shop before everyone else, Friday, April 9th, from 10am-11am.

Click here, you’ll never turn back….

-Ellen and Lisa

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