We have Winners!

Winners!We have winners for our many contests for this sale.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Of course, there is one more contest still open!  Don’t forget to bring baby food to the sale next week and you’ll be entered to win a $20 Gift Certificate to the Spring/Summer sale in April, 2010!


Newly Pregnant and now on our mailing list:  Genny V.  and Susan B. (will be proud owner of hand-printed Half-Pint Maternity tee’s!)

Adoptive Parent and now on our mailing list:  Michelle R. (will be proud owner of a Half-Pint shirt for her little)

Registered to Consign Early:  Kiki S., Beth J., Johnna B., Crystal H., and Amy P. (will be proud owners of select hand-printed Half-Pint “Green” items!)

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