Inventory Weekend: Printable sheets revisited

Late night Inventory

Late night Inventory

A few months ago we sent you a link for our Printable Cheat Sheets – a way to take inventory of your child’s needs for each season, allowing you to more effectively bargain hunt.

Early next week we’ll be sending shopping tips for the big sale next week, but we wanted to remind you that this weekend is a good time to take that inventory.  Long sleeve shirts?  Got’em – PJs?  Wow, running short.  Oh, and don’t forget those ballet shoes one size up (I traced H’s shoe insert on the back of the paper so I would know how big to buy them – wow, he has dirty feet), and a pair of long underwear.  And this year, our family is going to try and give each other New-to-You (used) or Homemade gifts,  so I’m going to have my eyes peeled for some fun games.  Any other tips you have?  Let us know what they are!

Tracing the insert of H's shoe

Tracing the insert of H's shoe

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