Elmo helps families Stand Together

Last night I turned the TV on, and since PBS is a regularily watched TV channel in my house of small children, I wasn’t surprised to see Elmo on the screen.

But I was surprised to see Elmo and his buddies talking about the recession and the importance of families standing together. The hour long show revolved around a Community Market which was being held to help families sell items (to make extra money for the family) and to buy items (in order to get things that they need that their budget could afford).  Hmmm, this sounds like awfully familiar – you mean, a little like Half-Pint Resale?

Elmo’s family had recently been having tough times since his mother was laid off from her job, and he had a lot of questions for other families going through similar things.

Knowing so many families who are gowing through tough times, I was thankful to have something I could show my kids that they could understand and explain things to them where they are at, and to also have experts who could give advice on how to help families through these tough economic and emotional times. You can read more about the project and all of the cool things that they are doing to help families, including providing online resources.

And, thank goodness for the internet, you can watch the whole thing online!  So get out the air-popper and that big jug of (oh-so-cheap) popcorn, and grab your computer for a movie night.  Oh, and grab some kleenex, too.  I found myself with a few tears – in empathy, appreciation, and a little exhaustion.  This ain’t easy, so families have to stand together.

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