Thinking about donating those unsold items?

We got the chance after the last sale to visit Kindred Kids, the non-profit in Columbus (just north of Sun Prairie) where all of the donated items from Half-Pint Resale make their new (albeit temporary) home.  Kindred Kids is one of the most lovely, heart-filled resource centers for families that we’ve ever seen.

Kindred Kids is a  free resource organization for children with differing abilities. They provide a free lending library of toys (tons of them!), furniture (cribs, changing tables, train tables, toddler beds), books and equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, communication devices etc.)    They also have dress-up clothes, a bouncy castle….  and the list goes on and on.

For many families, Kindred Kids is a lifeline.  But it’s also a way for the entire community to come together. For a small fee (either monthly or yearly – contact Kindred Kids for the prices), ANYONE can use the resource center.  On weekend nights, local teens will come and hang out just to play the large collection of games that they have.  Local moms (that could be you!) meet there for small playgroups.    Families “rent” everything for their child’s birthday party (a fairy castle and fairy dress up wings borrowed instead of bought), or “borrow” a piece of furniture that they know that they won’t need for more than a few months.  All families can purchase clothing for very inexpensively (even cheaper than Half-Pint, if you can believe it – some was only a dollar!), which provides MUCH needed financial resources for the agency to stay afloat.

From their site, “We chose the name “Kindred Kids” because there are commonalities shared by all kids. They really
are all “Kindred”. Their differing abilities may make some of their needs “different” but their needs as children are the same.”

Interested in learning more about Kindred Kids?  Give them a call, and go for a visit!  Our kids had a blast when we visited and our scheduled half-hour  turned into well over an hour, and it took nothing other than magic to get them to leave.

And if you are trying to decide whether or not to bring your items home or donate them, we’d highly recommend you let Kindred Kids put them to good use 🙂

-Ellen and Lisa

PS – If you go and visit, you are bound to run into the amazing Wendy (the Kindred Kids Executive Director, family resource helper, and so much more) – take a minute to say hi (she’s an angel from Above)…

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