the Amazing Half-Pint Community

We are so thankful for so many people in this community – our volunteers, consignors and shoppers – and we are grateful that there so many top-notch businesses and organizations in this community who make it such a great place to live for families.    Many of these businesses and orgs support Half-Pint Resale, and we wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for them.    Take a second to learn about all of these amazing places who want to make Half-Pint Resale and buying thrifty possible for you and your family.    They all will have some sort of presence at the sale (a table, a floor sponsorship, a flyer at checkout) so you can learn more about all of them.

The next time you see them or shop at these local businesses, think about how much they care about you and the community.  Say Thanks!

Fitzgerald Photography– Mallory, of Fitzgerald Photography, has been the official Half-Pint photographer for several sales.   We love her work, and we love that she takes such amazing pictures of Half-Pint.  Post sale, check out our blog and maybe you’ll even see your pretty face!

Midwest Clay Project – Oh, how we love Midwest Clay Project.  You can see our blog post about a visit not that long ago and read about it’s wonders.  An awesome Half-Pint friend and volunteer just started up this project/studio on Willy Street on Madison’s east side (918 to be exact, and it’s nestled in between Madison Sourdough and Plan B).   The studio will be designed to be inspirational and dynamic for people of all abilities and all ages  (novice to professional).   The place is DESIGNED for kids to explore, and even to buy (a whole shelf of child-friendly little clay sculptures that they can buy for mere cents!).  I’m in love (do you think they’ll let me move in?).

Swim East
– Both Lisa and I have sent our kids to Swim East.  My son, who a year ago January was Afraid (despite the fact that he had been in the water since birth) of going to the deep end, even with me holding him, was an absolute fish by three weeks into Swim East and now can swim at the age of five across the pool.   My son, who is naturally adverse to many things in life BEGS to go to Swim Lessons.  Yes, the glory of Swim East.

Tenney Nursery and Parent Center
– An enriching, play-based preschool for children 2-6 years of age.  While our kids didn’t attend, we have a gazillion friends whose children did attend, and from all accounts, it’s a beautiful place to be as a child.  Could you want more for your little than to send them to a Preschool where they are taught to grow emotionally and respect their friends?  Plus they have a SUPER (read: awesomely fun) drop-in play time for babes and toddlers!    Good stuff!

Happy Bambino – Madison’s premier place to get  quality pregnancy and parenting resources, safe, green, locally-made products and  caring, hands-on support  – from pre-conception through birth and beyond.  If you are pregnant or a new parent, HB is the place to go. Their parenting resources and groups are out of this world.  They personally helped me through some major breastfeeding struggles, introduced me to several of my bestest friends, and saved my wallet issues (which are great, mind you) with their JuJeBe line.  AND on top of this, they’ve been HUGE Half-Pint supporters and such good friends to Lisa and I (uh oh, I’m getting teary), and they care so much about our community.   And their new location in Monona is Amazing, with a Capitol A.

Holistic Mom’s Network – When you become a parent, I think one of the first things you realize is the importance of community and having a network of people who have the same parenting philosophy.  Which is one of the reasons that groups like the HMN is so important.  If you are interested in holistic health and living green (which we know so many of you Half-Pinters are!) then you can’t find a better place to be the first Thursday of every month!  They meet right here at the Goodman Community Center in Boltz B (one of their beautiful rooms inside the building), 6:45pm.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church Preschool – We love when we find preschools right in our neighborhood.  And with so many types of preschools out there, there is one that fits the beliefs of every parent in town.  They have a robust 3K and 4K curriculum that contains a religious and well-rounded focus.  Check them out!

Madison Area Community Land Trust – Their url – – explains it all.  How does this affordable housing non-profit make homes affordable? Very simply, you buy the house (at a price below market-rate) but don’t buy the land. You rent the land from MACLT under a “lease”, which makes the home less expensive to purchase because you don’t have to pay for/finance the cost of the land.  This amazing organization is available for income-qualified individuals and families.  They currently have houses for sale, and are willing to talk to folks who are interested in exploring home ownership through the Land Trust more.  Check out their website or give them a call!  (This might be thrifty at it’s Prime.)

Madison Children’s Museum – A new, and proud!, sponsor of Half-Pint Resale, the Madison Children’s Museum is one of the most amazing destinations for kids in town.  My kids adore the museum, and were (a little too) excited when I told them about the possibility of having a birthday party there.   Check out our birthday party post here, where we also talk the virtues of MCM membership.  For a low-cost, you can use the MCM as your new drop-in play space.  We like to go in between errands or while we are downtown getting dinner or participating in “political activities”.  I’m excited for this summer because we don’t have air conditioning in our house and it might be what gets us through another (hot) summer.  (Oh, and watch for their birthday party coupons at their table!)

Madison Birth Center is Wisconsin’s first free-standing Nationally Accredited Birth Center.   All care is provided by certified nurse-midwives and professional-midwives, using traditional midwifery principles. Midwives are experts in caring for healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies!  They attend births at home and in their unbelievably beautiful birth center.  The care is safe, cost- effective, and empowering.  Sign up and take a tour at Madison Birth Center, mention Half-Pint and your name will be put into a drawing for a Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Breastpump!

Isthmus Parents – Have you checked out their new site?!  I love this site – the blog is funny (I found myself nodding one too many times) and their listings for what is going on around town is easy to read, informative and complete!

UW-Madison Infant Learning Lab conducts research on language development in babies and toddlers. Volunteer 15 minutes of your baby’s time, and receive a children’s book, t-shirt, or $10!  We’ve done these studies ourselves and our kids fine them fun, and we feel like we are doing something important to promote the understanding of our little tykes – Sign up now!

CranioSacral Therapy is a “manual therapy that encourages your own natural health mechanisms to dissipate the negative effects of stress on your central nervous system.”   The therapy helps the body correct restrictions that it has been unable to overcome on its own, with a goal of improving overall health and resistance to disease.   For mommas and babies alike, this therapy can really help folks after birth.  We hear that the benefits of this therapy on babes/toddlers with colic is staggering!  Check out the flyer at the Half-Pint check-out to learn more about a local provider Patricia Smith who also practices with GHC (for those of you who can use their complimentary health benefit!)

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is giving away a YEARS SUPPLY OF ICE CREAM to one lucky person who donates to our baby food drive at the sale.   Not that you wouldn’t be generous without it, but it’s sure a nice incentive to remember to bring your donation!  Yum.

Kindred Kids – Our official Half-Pint charity – they are the recipients of all of those items that aren’t sold and are donated by our consignors.   Meeting the needs of family’s who have children with special needs, they are a caring life-line to so many, which is why we are so very proud to be associated with them.  And they have this super cool lending library, which we talk about in this blog post. Check it out!

-Ellen and Lisa

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