This is What Community Looks Like!

As the days pass on from last weekend, the final details get worked out one by one.  We get closer to finishing calculating consignor totals (yeah!).  We get final counts of how much schtuff is sold (19,000 items!).   We know how many people bought fabulous deals at the sale (1,500!)

But what makes my heart happy is seeing posts like this:


As Lisa and I layed on the [empty] Goodman Center floor last Sunday morning, all that could come to mind was how thankful we were for the Community that Half-Pint has created.  From the joy and energy filled volunteers, to the patient and excited consignors and giddy and caring shoppers, Half-Pint Resale is what it is because you make it that way.

On Friday morning, a volunteer who had waited for 45 minutes to check-out finally got to the register.  When I asked her how the wait was, she said, “well, it didn’t feel so long, because I got to talk to other parents and I got the Total Lowdown on breast pumps.”  Other folks  told us in the past that they met new friends at Half-Pint and they enjoyed reconnecting with them at the sale.  We saw a few folks exchanging phone numbers and email addresses.  Others told us that Half-Pint feels like a mini reunion, or even a weekend party because of the fun, and most importantly, the people.

And while I was at the Cash Registers on Saturday, a young couple with their little babe came to pay and realized that they didn’t have enough cash with them.  They asked if we would hold their items so they could go and get money and come back.  Sure!  Not a problem!  I took the bag, and put it on hold behind the register.   Then, when the next shopper came up to pay, she said to me, “How much was their purchase?  If you give me a minute, I will go and stop them from leaving, and will pay for their total”.  She was concerned that they literally didn’t have enough money, and was going to buy their items for them.  I was struck by how generous the offer was – but even more than that, I was struck with how amazing it was to be part of something that allows us all to help each other out.    It reminded me of the crowd of people around the Baby Carriers, asking questions of our volunteer, but also talking to each other about their needs, about their wishes.  About parenting!

So thankful that you are all out there, being a community together.  So thankful for all of the businesses who supported us this past sale, who allowed this crazy goodness to happen.   You ALL make Half-Pint what it is!

-EC and LS

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