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We’re kicking things back into gear (and quick – have you seen all of those school ads out there?  And I don’t know about you, but the cool weather this morning has me  – just briefly – dreaming of fall).  Hope you are planning to join us the weekend of September 9 and 10 for the 8th semi-annual Half-Pint Resale!  Last sale we sold over 19,000 items in just two days, putting your goods back out into the community and a few extra dollars into local pockets.  We love that everything stays right here in our community – we’re an Entirely Local operation.

Let’s get the sale on your calendar!  Click here for all of the ins and outs and times and details.   The sale will be held again at the Goodman Center – We’re thrilled that they continue to work with us to make it possible for us to take over their busy center for so many days.    New to this sale is expanded space at the center.  We’ll be rearranging a bit and using another art-room space in the same building, mostly for gear and other large goods.  Never been to Half-Pint and are wondering how this whole gig works?  Read here!

We’ve increased our hours ever so slightly to allow for more shopping.  As the sale grows and increases in popularity throughout the community, we want to make sure you have the time to get what you need without greatly expanding our days and adding to expenses (and decreasing consignor percentages).    We added another half-hour onto the Volunteer Sale time (giving volunteers a FULL two hours to shop).  We also added an extra hour onto the end of the day on Friday so after you put the kids to bed you can head over for a more leisurely look through the racks that were stuffed early in the morning and find a few additional treasures.  (We’re biased, but 9pm is also a great time to grab the girlfriends and head out for a drink afterwards;  we’re just sayin’.)   We highly recommend taking a second look at the sale post the presales because there are things you’ll never see until they are unearthed!

We’ll continue to offer our Loot Valet service which allows shoppers to leave their purchased items with a volunteer attendant to later drive-up and load their great finds into the car with ease.  No more fretting over a distant parking spot and the idea of carrying everything you want to buy – so Shop Away! Consignors, we’ll have similar service for consignor drop-off as well.

Of course, the HIGH QUALITY of the goods being sold and the incredibly affordable prices won’t change a bit!  As veteran thrift shoppers, we know how important this aspect is to the success of the sale.  We take great pride in making sure that the items being put on the sale floor are in gently used condition.  The AFFORDABLE prices, well we certainly can’t take any credit for that.  We have been so impressed with the fair and affordable prices consignors pass onto shoppers and believe this is cornerstone to Half-Pint’s continued success.  Half-Pint Resale is only as good as its consignors and we think the world of the folks who Consign with us.

Consignor Registration is open!

Consignor Registration is now Open and will remain open until Sept. 2.  Check out the Consigning page on our website to learn about all of the fabulous perks of consigning (including 70% of your sales, and a special pre-sale all for you!).    Make sure you look through the Tagging Guidelines and our What to Sell documents on this same page, as we continue to tweak all of these to make them more comprehensive.  You’ll also note that we are no longer accepting Cribs (note that we are accepting other similar items – read on).

We’re continuing to work hard to make Drop-Off of your items during Consignor Check-In as easy as possible, and have even more strategies to make it go quickly, as it did last sale.

Registering Early has it’s perks!

We’ll soon have mini-Half-Pint bumper stickers hot of the press so you can proudly show folks how much you Love to Thrift.  We’ll be randomly picking 100 folks out of those who register in the next two weeks (new and returning) – deadline August 10th.  (that is a lot of winners!!!!)

There isn’t any reason to wait-  Register now, and start purging and tagging!

Lots more to come in the upcoming days – volunteer registration, Printable Posters, a special way to get the hangers and pins that you need,  fun contests and ways to get your pre-Half-Pint fix!  If you aren’t yet registered for our email list, now is the time to get on board.

We’re excited to see y’all again!

Ellen and Lisa

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