Purging and Sorting Weekend

Anyone else take inventory of their stuff this weekend?  We had piles of shoes strewn over the living room and my kids took a trip down memory lane as they imagined how old they were when they wore the different pairs of shoes.  Me?  I was shocked about how many pairs of shoes we owned.  Then again, my eldest has gone through TEN sizes of shoes in his short 6 years, and with winter and summer and boots…  That’s a lot of shoes.

Thanks goodness for Half-Pint!

Next week I tackle clothing (and toys after the kids have gone to bed).  Anyone else purging and sorting and taking inventory of your needs for spring and summer? Don’t forget to print out our hand Inventory Cheat Sheets.  Remember, too, to trace your kids’ feet on the back so you’ll know if those awesome Euro shoes are the right size.  (You won’t want to miss out on boots like these!).