the Amazing Supporters of Half-Pint

The thing that we love best about Half-Pint is that it’s a place that builds community.  From families passing on their beloved clothes and baby goods, to sharing community resources with each other – it’s all of you helping each other out.  Making this parenting thing not so lonely.

Another thing that that we love is how so many businesses and groups come together to help make Half-Pint happen.  We want to take a minute to say THANKS to all of you who make this crazy thing that we all do twice a year possible.   So go Check out these great family resources!

Midwest Clay Project is a magical place for kids and their parents alike to explore making things with clay!   With programming designed to support everyone from the novice to the professional, Midwest Clay Project provides a dynamic and inspirational place for people of all ages and abilities to work in clay.  It’s one of my kid’s favorite places to create.  Read about our experience here!   Find them on Facebook.


The Madison, WI Chapter of Holistic Moms Network is a support, education and social network for parents interested in green living, alternative health care, and gentle, responsive parenting. We are a warm and inclusive group, and welcome you to join us wherever you are on the holistic path in an environment that does not judge.  We welcome moms and dads with children of any age, and future parents as well. We have events and activities for both working and stay at home parents. Children are welcome at all HMN events.   Find them on Facebook.


We have sung the praises of Swim East  and Swim West for years, and are continuing to do so.  Only a few years into swimming, the eldest of our kids can be found doing backstroke the length of the pool.  And we’ve seen the magic first hand that turns a child that transforms from hating the water to laughing and giggling all throughout class.  Find them on Facebook.


OOH MAMA!  The Out of Hospital Madison Area Midwives Association is a group of individuals who provide home birth maternity care for the community.   Find out more about their services at the sale!


Why should you love YumTum? Because they make feeding your baby and toddler delicious and nutritious food easy!   YumTum gently steams and minimally processes the ingredients to maintain as many nutrients as possible and they combine ingredients such as beans and rice to provide a complete protein in your baby’s meal, and more.  YumTum’s food grows with your baby, so they will love to eat the Tummy Grubs and snacks well into their toddler years.  Find them on Facebook. (where they are currently listing where you can buy their goods ON SALE!)


Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool – LIttle minds need greatschools and teachers!  Holy Cross offers a robust 4Kprogram that might be just right for you.  Located on Milwaukee Street on the East side of Madison, their programming includes everything from spanish, to music and science,to  reading and religious education.  Find them on Facebook.


Tenney Nursery and Parent Center – TNPC is a preschool and parent cooperative that offers several preschool classes and a parent/child playgroup (a great way to get introduced to this creative and play-based center).  Due to the cooperative nature, parents work closely with the staff and ED and help mold their child’s education.  Visit and see it in action!  Find them on Facebook.


Do you have a will?  If you have children, you should have a will!  Attorney Heather Hazelwood is an associate specializing in personal and business services at Hurley, Burish & Stanton, focusing on estate planning, family law, and Guardian ad Litem  appointments.  Heather is passionate about working with clients to help them plan for the future and manage life’s transitions.  Meet her at the sale!  Find her on Facebook.



Madison Children’s Museum – I know you’ve heard of them.  But have you tried them out yet?  Better yet, have you become a member? We’ve found the ability, because of our membership, to get discounted parking at the museum and to pop in and out as we please to be worth our membership’s weight in gold.   We love the museum year round, but as we’re heading into the summer months, I love all of the summer programming that they have, and it’s always great to have a humid day option where the kids can play hard and stay cool.  Find them on Facebook.


The Little Gym – Little people need a gym all their size – that is where the Little Gym comes in.   They encourage playful development, and non-competitive serious play.  A perfect way to start an active life!  Find them on Facebook.


Kindred Kids – We’re once again partnering with one of the greatest kid-focused non-profits around.  An organization that strives to let kids help kids, Kindred Kids is worth the drive to Columbus, just to hang out and be around these amazing people (which is something you can do!)  ”We chose the name “Kindred Kids” because there are commonalities shared by all kids. They really are all Kindred. Their differing abilities may make some of their needs different but their needs as children are the same.”  Find them on Facebook.


Mother Nature’s Diaper Service – Little bums love keeping the environment clean, and Mother Nature’s Diaper Service is here to help!  They deliver clean cloth diapers right to your door – Sounds dreamy!  Find them on Facebook.


First Moments Photography is the official photographer of the Spring 2012 Half-Pint!  I had our first family pictures taken by Danielle, and she managed to get great shots even though my child kept yelling “NO PICTURES!” We’re excited to have her on board.  Find her on Facebook.

-EC and LS